Tap into the unlimited potential of your salespeople by leveraging the art and science of selling

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Sales Training, Coaching & Consulting 

Covid-19, remote working, economic uncertainty, technological change...companies must now operate in a world of unprecedented turbulence.

 There is now more scrutiny involving more decision makers than ever before. Companies are strictly ROI-focused and very risk-averse. Without a water-tight business case and full organisational consensus firms will stick to the status quo.

This is why over the past two years the average order value has decreased, time to sale extended, cost of sale increased, conversion rates diminished, and the number of opportunities reduced. 

Sales² serves to strengthen what firms can control by incorporating a pragmatic methodology. This approach combines decades of sales experience, personal development, empowering belief systems, hard sales skills, performance tools and emotional intelligence to ensure your salespeople have the resources they need to truly excel. 

"Remember - it's not what you sell it's HOW you sell."

If you're interested in utilising the expertise of Sales² then please get in contact to learn exactly how we could help accelerate your sales teams' performance

Our Mission

To embed best practice across the entire sales cycle by ensuring your salespeople have an emboldened mindset, razor sharp skills, cutting-edge strategies, and smooth processes.

With this in place our objective is unlock your sales team's potential, significantly impacting your bottom line.


What makes Sales² different?


Sales² is focused on tapping into the unlimited resources of your sales team by breaking through limiting beliefs and habitual ways of thinking.  


We do this by focusing on:

  • Personal Development - Empowering belief systems, emotional intelligence, mindset, self awareness, personal drivers, and influential language

  • Body Language / Communication Skills - Tone & pace of speech, situational awareness, and other empowering body language and communications techniques 


On top of this solid foundation we coach hard sales skills supported by proven techniques and methodologies to ensure no money is being left on the table.

This multifaceted approach is designed to give you and your sales team the resources to refine your approach, perform at the highest level, and consistently win,

B2B sales training


Online Sales Training


  • The fundamentals of sales

  • The mindset of top performers

  • Planning, goal setting and taking control

Sales Training London


  • Sales fundamentals as a refresher

  • Selling the problem before the solution

  • The most effective closing techniques

Sales training classes london


  • How to effectively manage and inspire a sales team

  • Accurate forecasting strategies

  • Coaching a sales team for continuous improvement