Scott Purves

Founder & Director

Following a thriving career across multiple industries including TV, conferences, events and business intelligence, Scott founded Sales².


Previously Scott led several high performing teams and worked with a myriad of high profile clients including NASA, Lockheed Martin, Superdry, SAP, Harvard, Cambridge University, NHS, CDC, and Toyota.


Having gained extensive insight into the psychology of selling throughout the past 20 years, Scott decided to channel his passion and experience into helping others achieve outstanding results.  As a professionally trained actor and NLP Practitioner Level 3, he combines multiple skill-sets helping him mentor people to become the very best version of themselves.

Scott believes anyone can become exceptional in any industry with the right amount of focus, belief and strategy.

Here's what Gerry Hill, VP EMEA Sales at Connect & Sell had to say: 

"I hate hypocrisy and a lot of sales trainers aren't great at delivering on their theory...generally they are all classroom and don't practice what they preach.

Then comes along Scott Purves and proves his worth by setting a new cold calling record using my technology."


London sales training

About Us

The B2B marketplace has never been this noisy and it often feels impossible to stand out.

In a sea of similar messaging, jargon-heavy outreach & generic value propositions, Sales² helps raise your head above the parapet and actually make an impact.

Sales² trains salespeople to develop into true professionals, leveraging personal development, mindset, EQ, adept communication tools & fundamental sales skills to achieve astounding results.

Our training programs teach impactful interpersonal skills - tonality, presence, authenticity, credibility and integrity - to develop new habits & patterns of excellence.

At Sales² we do not believe in simply lecturing your teams. More than 80% of traditional training programs is actually forgotten within 30 days.

This is why we spread our programs into manageable chunks. This has been proven to embed the learnings by up to 85%.

It will also allow your salespeople to test out new approaches to see what's working, what isn't, any horror stories & any surprises.

Through application of our granular programs your sales team will have the resources to constantly improve and reach new levels of success to become their new standard.


Business Meeting

"We were struggling to sign up new clients and couldn't understand why.

Scott critically analysed our sales approach and crafted a bespoke solution. He taught us how to ask questions, actively listening, the art of storytelling and how to stay in control.

Scott went above and beyond, and we highly recommended you give him a try!"

Managing Director, Lancing Cotswold Accountants and Tax advisors