Sales² offers a range of training & coaching services to serve a variety of B2B businesses. Some of the industries we work in include SAAS, media, events, conferences, and publishing. Our clients typically fall into the SME sized enterprise of between 10-200 people, with some larger corporations also making up a portion of our client base.   

What's the difference between training and coaching?


Training is focused on the development of new skills and is typically run over a few days. The trainer imparts knowledge and leads the program. The result is a greater understanding of a particular skill, approach or strategy. The key is then to begin using this knowledge to integrate into current working practices. 


Coaching is focused on the development of existing skills and tends to emphasise personal development rather than just the skillset. It is generally run over multiple sessions in order to embed the learning. The coachee is often a competent professional in their field and benefits from objective guidance. The outcome is an increase in skillset and self-actualization. 

Learn how to sell online


  • The fundamentals of sales

  • Self belief & personal drivers

  • Self-motivation by understanding your 'why'

  • The mindset of top performers

  • Unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence 

  • Quickly become an expert in any industry

  • From nervous novice to cold calling master

  • Confidently passing through gate-keepers 

  • Effective listening techniques & contextual questioning 

  • Discovery, needs analysis and strategic objectives 

  • Decision makers vs economic buyers

  • Planning, goal setting and taking control

  • Understanding your ICP

  • DISC - Buyer Profiles

  • Different Types of Sellers 


  • Sales fundamentals as a refresher

  • Voice & tonality techniques to become more authoritative 

  • Critical questioning techniques to uncover genuine need

  • Selling the problem before the solution

  • Current pitch breakdown using role-play

  • Emotional selling 

  • Current state vs future state - Cost of inaction / ROI

  • Challenging with insight

  • The power of effective story-telling 

  • In-depth analysis of objections and how to prevent

  • The importance of urgency 

  • Root causes and implications 

  • Realistic pipeline management 

  • The power of expectancy in securing business

  • NLP techniques including modelling, anchoring, re-framing, pacing & leading 

  • EQ, self-awareness, beliefs, identity and emotional management 

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Across both the Graduate and Professional Sales Programs we offer mixed group sessions to include participants from other companies, or exclusively for your team to ensure a more tailored program. 

Coaching is conducted both individually and with teams of up to six people. This will ensure each participant gets the right level of immersion in order to embed new ways of thinking to bring about permanent change.  


We also offer bespoke coaching programs in any particularly challenging area of sales that an individual or team may be struggling with. Specific objectives and associated packages can be discussed in detail.


Other Services

Sales team meeting


Working with you on-site to shadow your team in order to coach individual members 

Support Group


Bespoke workshops around your value proposition and any specific challenges

Glass Conference Room


Tonality, body language & acting workshops to fine tune communication and rapport-building techniques

Sales Consulting class