Do not fall into this trap!

Buyer: 'Go on then, give me your pitch.'

Me: 'There is no pitch. All I wanted at this stage was to understand your situation better, and then if I think I can help I'll run some ideas past you. Firstly, I just have a couple of questions if that's OK...'

Real life example from my time as a salesperson. Don't ever let your buyer take control or put you on the spot.

Politely reverse the situation.

If you were to respond to the opening statement by going into your 'pitch' you're on the back foot. You've already lost.

They've given you permission to 'pitch' but it's on their terms. The chances are you don't know enough and have been cajoled into a product pitch.

Their defences will probably go up and they'll end the call saying they'll 'get back to you'.

The dynamic is not right either, by the very use of the word 'pitch'. It pits you against each other, ensuring it's more a case of 'you' verses 'them'. What you want is a collaborative working relationship, not a battle.

Always stay in control, and one of the most effective ways of doing that is by asking questions.

Make sure they are intelligent questions which turn the needle and strike at the heart of the issues at play.

Do not interrogate, make it conversational. Your buyer is a human being not a commission ATM.

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