Get to the point!

I called a company a few months ago about booking onto one of their online courses. I was ready to buy and just wanted to move ahead with the best deal they could offer.

The salesperson was clearly trained to go through his pitch, even with incoming enquiries, and it was frustrating as I just wanted to move forward with their best deal.

He fumbled through his script and I kept telling him he had nothing to sell - I just wanted their best offer. But he kept going, relentlessly firing question after question at me.

I couldn't handle it anymore so I politely ended the conversation and went with one of his competitors who gave me a great deal in about five minutes.

Moral of the story - use common sense when someone is already sold on your product and ready to buy. There is nothing worse than a salesperson who sounds like they are rattling through the Spanish Inquisition. Get to the point or you will lose business, simple as!

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