Monday morning meeting, ABC Company somewhere in the UK:

"Boss, can we look into getting a dialer system? I've heard something like ConnectAndSell, Inc is great."

"No, it's too powerful and our salespeople don't have the skills to handle it. You wouldn't buy your son a Ferrari would you?"

"OK so how about we get some sales training so the team can learn how to cold call properly?"

"What and waste yet more budget?! We have a recession coming and have to double down on our outgoings...

Besides we have 1 in 1000 hit rates on our cold email campaigns, so we only need to send 100,000 to hit our meetings target this month."

"Are we doing anything to improve our email hit rates? 1 in 1000 doesn't strike me as a groundbreaking ratio."

"What and spend more money on hiring someone for help?! Forget it. Besides I wrote that email, so what exactly are you saying!?"

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