What's your 'Why'?

"Why do you work in sales?"


"For the money"

"I fell into it"

"I didn't know what else to do."


If your answer is along these lines then I'd recommend spending a bit of time working out your actual 'why'.

If not, you might just spend the next 30 years working in a sales job where you'll often feel miserable, frustrated and unfulfilled.

If you work out your 'why' however you could change that.

Companies have a mission and a 'why' that binds their entire existence together so why don't most employees?

Treat your sales career as your very own business. This will give you a sense of ownership.

No one ever worked for a piece of paper with the Queen's head on it.

They work for the freedom, independance, security and all the other things money facilitates.

When I worked out my 'why' things completely transformed.

As a young salesperson I would've said the reasons above too.

Yet there are so many more powerful reasons for getting out of bed in the morning:

- to grow personally and professionally

- to show naysayers what you can achieve

_ to have a sense of pride in becoming the very best in what you do

- recognition and respect of your peers

- becoming a magnet for success, however you define that

- to enjoy the process of building relationships

- to become better at communicating with different types of people

- to understand how to stop thinking about yourself and to truly empathise

- to improve your emotional intelligence so you get to know yourself and other people better

- to be able to read people and know the appropriate response

- to inspire people with leadership and insight

- to problem solve and feel a sense of achievement

- to bounce bank from tough experiences so you become more


With reasons like these crystallised in my mind I've been able to earn more than enough to enjoy travelling the world, spending time with family & friends, and experiencing new things.

Having clarity into your 'why' ensures the money will always follow.

But it was never about the money anyway.

It was about the feelings of growth, ownership, fulfilment, contentment, sense of responsibility, self actualization, freedom and independence.

And this goes so much further than your sales job.

It underpins your whole existence.

What's your 'why'?

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