2022 - Sales Challenges Ahead

As we start 2022 there are a few key themes that I believe will dictate the level of success in any organisation.

It’s never been more challenging for prospects to buy due to:

- More scrutiny than ever before with an average of 6-7 people involved in the decision-making process

- Companies are strictly ROI-focused and so need a water-tight business case

- Most firms are risk-averse & stuck in the status quo

Because of this, the average order value has decreased, time to sale has extended, conversion rates diminished, and the number of opportunities gone down.

So how do we overcome these challenges?

Well, there are a myriad of solutions, but I believe the following observations give a pretty good steer:

53% of prospects will choose you based on their sales experience. This means listening more than talking, asking pertinent questions, and demonstrating that you actually care.

Only 41% of salespeople are consultative. The rest are product pitching and offering nothing of value, something we can all relate to.

85% of sales now take place online – if companies do not fine-tune their remote selling strategies and ensure SDR’s are up to speed they will get left behind.

Trust can be built in 30 seconds with a human voice, yet no-one seems to cold call anymore. I receive on average 2-3 cold calls per month, but guaranteed to be on the end of a raft of generic emails that I don’t bother to read.

90% of decision making is made via the limbic part of the brain. It is involved in all our behavioural and emotional responses including trust and loyalty. This must be tapped into by demonstrating value & ROI on an emotional level.

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