A salesperson is not a servant

"What works for you?"

This line is suicide in sales.

It relinquishes control to your buyer.

It is too accommodating. Stop pandering.

Without any exaggeration, you're communicating that you are less busy and therefore less important than your client.

Take charge, lead them, and make sure this comes through in every part of your communication, particularly when discussing next steps.

"I'm free tomorrow between 1:00 - 2:30pm or on Friday between 12-1:30pm. What works best for you?"

Now you are leading. You have demonstrated your time is equally valuable, and by giving two brackets of time as opposed to specific times there is more chance they will be available.

You are also ensuring they don't suggest coming back to you in one or two weeks where you will lose all the momentum you've built up. By giving them the option this is exactly what they will do.

Make it easy for your buyers. Inject urgency and lead them.

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