Active Listening - Easier Said than Done!

Ever caught yourself during a conversation... preoccupied with what you wanted to say next that you completely missed everything the other person had said?

Of course you have.

We all have.

Then we nod, agree, or say yes to something completely unconnected to their question.

It's an ego-centric self-serving monologue mindset.

When distracted by your own thoughts you lack presence.

It means there's no active listening, empathising or genuine curiosity.

People won't feel understood or connected to you.

...not really useful in sales, business, socially - or in any situation.

Unless you ever find yourself treading the boards and playing Hamlet or Macbeth...

Try giving someone your 100% undivided attention - fully immerse yourself in their world and forget about yours - then see where it takes you.

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