Advice for anyone new to sales

During a podcast with Alex Krcmarov earlier I was asked what advice I would give someone new to sales.

Here are my top tips:

1. Look inside of yourself and find your inner motivation and why you want to succeed in sales. Find the fire in your belly. External drivers will only ever take you so far.

2. Prioritise becoming an expert communicator over becoming a product expert. Learn and perfect the art of questioning, listening, and empathising.

3. Carve your own way of working and develop your own style. If you don't like your script change it. If you don't like using a piece of tech don't use it.

4. Take ownership and accountability for everything you do. Become your own boss and hold yourself to a higher standard than management ever would.

5. Work on your personal development more than your job and watch as you exponentially reach new heights.


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