Approach a champion

You've been trying to reach the MD or the Head of Department for weeks. Nothing is working. They are not taking your calls or responding to your emails. You can't keep hitting your head against a brick wall.

So what should you do?

Approach a champion.

That is someone in the company who should really care about your offer and how it could benefit both them and the business.

These people are easy to get hold of and if your value proposition resonates they will passionately sell your product/service internally.

They know they will get the credit for it once the benefits are recognised.

Example job titles to approach? Try these:

- Sales manager

- Team lead

- Commercial manager

- Marketing manager

Salespeople have it drilled into them that they should only be targeting a 'decision-maker' and so tend to avoid 'middle managers'.

Whilst there is some truth to that, I think salespeople are missing a trick. Most decisions require around 6-7 DM's in a medium-sized enterprise. So the idea of pitching and closing a DM is outdated.

If nothing else it gets your foot in the door. Let's face it - who actually enjoys chasing an MD within an inch of their life!

Give it a try.

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