Become Better

How do you stand out in a world of constant noise, shortening attention spans and distraction?

You become really really good.

You hone your abilities to the point of becoming exceptional.

You can't just coast along and be above average or quite good anymore. The world has changed. And that's OK.

Who ever wanted to be average anyway?

It lacks fulfillment & excitement. Life is dull when you simply go through the motions.

If you improve 1% each week, within a year you'll be 52% better than you are now.

Within two years you'll be a new person altogether.

At the cellular level it has been proven that there isn't a single bit of us, not so much as a molecule, that was part of us nine years ago.

Think of your skill-set in the same way.

Old cells die and new highly functioning cells come in.

All you need to do is become better at one thing every single week.

And then watch what happens.

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