"Call me in 6 months."

Prospect: 'Call me back in six months.'

Rep: 'Sure not a problem, I'll make a note to do that.'

I've heard this response far too many times, where a salesperson just rolls over and accepts this type of objection without digging deeper.

This is a mistake. It's far too accepting.

We all know that this is most likely a smokescreen to get rid of the rep.

Then if that same rep blindly accepts it they are letting their prospect off the hook.

Your client will respect you more if you question into it a little, to either flush out the smokescreen or to identify the things that need to happen for the time to be more conducive for discussions.

Something like this:

Prospect: 'Call me back in six months.'

Rep: 'No problem, just out of curiosity what's happening in six months?'

Prospect: 'We should be in a better position then to discuss x, y and z'

Rep: 'Ah great, and just so I can understand better what do you think may have changed by then?'

Prospect: 'Well..."

This has to be delivered in the right way, not pointed or aggressively but in a curious, constructive manner.

Salespeople need to stand their ground when hit with a smokescreen.

You will leave the call with a far greater understanding of your client's needs.

You've demonstrated you are not just a generic salesperson but someone who wants to know them more, their business, and their challenges.

You might even turn things around there and then or at least establish the fit will never work, either now or in six months, saving time on both sides.

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