Cold call - are you the vet?

I cold called a CMO yesterday:

"Hi Joan."

"Is that the Vet!?"

(thinking....the best way to deal with a smokescreen is to clarify, discuss then diffuse)

"When you say vet, what exactly do you mean?"

"My dog is sick - are you the vet?"

....(getting closer to the true objection)

"So your dog is sick you say, tell me how do you define that?"

"Well he's been quite literally vomiting all over my carpet so I need to bring him in ASAP!"

"Ah! So let me ask what colour is his sick?"


"I'm just trying to clarify what's behind all what is the real reason for your initial smokescreen."

"I don't understand - are you the Vet??"

"Actually this is a cold call, do you wanna roll the dice and give me 30 seconds or would you prefer I hang up so you can speak to the real vet?"


"Apologies, I've been recently trained on how to handle objections and thought the vet line was a smokescreen.

...Anyway what we're finding is that most CMO's have issue XTZ...."

What to know how to handle real objections?!

Then come join myself and Robin Burr today 4:30pm as we tackle another common one for B2B salespeople:

"We already have a supplier."

Link below...

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