Curiosity never killed the salesperson

Rep: "But I have to hit target - what am I supposed to do?"

This is the vicious cycle leading to salespeople pitch-slapping prospective clients left, right and centre.

They're under pressure, they don't have time to 'be curious' or build value.

All they need to do is 'pitch' as many people as possible and hopefully hit target, right?

Lots of calls, emails, 'pitches'... it feels productive.

But the rate of rejection is huge as all they're doing is ramming their company and product down people's throats.

This is the biggest mistake salespeople are making, and they're doing it every day.

Salespeople are wasting hours, days and weeks battling through an endless zone of resistance put up by people who just don't want to be pitched.

They give themselves a bad name as a 'salesperson' in the most derogatory sense of the word.

Much like a guy who hits on lots of women and gets labelled a sleaze ball or a player. The only time a guy really gets any success with a member of the opposite sex is by doing everything aside from the obvious.

If people are approached in the right way and rapport is built from a place of genuine interest the rest will follow.

Sometimes it won't work. Sometimes there just isn't a match. But that's OK as you give yourself every chance by erasing any zone of resistance in the first place.

Forget your target, forget your commission - this is a self-serving outcome.

The ironic thing is that as soon as you do and you start connecting with people without the tacky product pitch or a self-serving agenda, the rest will follow.

Salespeople don't have time NOT to be curious.

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