Dating & Selling

So, you’ve been on your first date and you really like her.

You felt a great connection even if you were a little nervous and felt like you spoke too much.

You text her when you get home to say it was a great night and how much you enjoyed it.

Nothing back.

The next day you head to work, your message hasn’t even been read - no double blue tick - but you can see she’s been online.

So, you wait…

Maybe your message didn’t get through...or did it? You ponder, overthinking things as usual and decide it most definitely did.

But you’re still positive she will reply.

You wait and wait…


So, you send another one.

Same thing happens. Nothing, again no blue tick.

You wonder what you did wrong. You decide you might just call her.

But is that a bad idea? Probably. But maybe she’s more of a talker than a texter...

You’re also getting slightly annoyed. You want to know what happened. wait till evening and make the call.

No answer and as you don’t know what to say, you panic and hang up without leaving a voicemail.

You consider your next move.

Maybe you can make the call from a withheld number...


This is the point at which you turn into a stalker!

She is clearly not interested.

Yet this is what salespeople are doing every day.

Some people just can’t bring themselves to tell you why they are not interested, and don’t want to reject they simply ghost you.

Take the hint.

Move on to the next person. They may just be perfect.

Don’t waste any more time.

Have the self-respect to let them go.

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