Disqualify your leads

It may sound counter-intuitive but when approaching a new prospect look for as many disqualifying factors as possible. Ask yourself why they would not want what you have to offer.

What this will do is raise all the possible red flags which will then allow you to do the following:

a) work out if this is actually a lead worth targeting

b) form a more specific hook/strong reason for approaching them in the first place

c) pre-empt their objections so you can map out your responses in advance

Far too many salespeople approach new clients in a general sense with a generic reason based on the type of company they think they are dealing with. Based largely on assumption, with no clear strategy this is really just a numbers game.

Instead, see yourself as a problem-solver or a trusted adviser. You will then begin to build credibility and your research will become more considered & detailed.

You will come across as someone of substance who has done their homework, has a strong grasp of their business and who understands the market they function in.

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