Do people actually know what they want?

A man walks into a bar and asks for 2 pints of Peroni and 2 glasses of brandy.

The bartender looks at him and asks "Why those drinks?"

"Strange question"...thinks the man.

"Well me and my colleague like beer and as we're celebrating a big deal, brandy seemed like a good idea." he replied.

"Oh I see" says the bartender as he continues...

"... though I'm sure you realise mixing alcoholic drinks compounds the effect of a hangover, and also that brandy is one of the most toxic spirits, causing an even more severe headache the next day.

...Tequila on the other hand has the lowest toxicity of all the spirits, meaning much less of a hangover, and is the only 'upper'...putting you in an uplifting state of mind.

You remember that song ' makes you happy!' well it's true.

Let me ask you - do you like fresh lime?"

"Errr yes." replies the man.

"Well we have a deal on margaritas for the next two hours during happy hour so did you fancy that instead?

I have a really high quality tequila so you'll feel even less negative effects tomorrow. I'm guessing you need a clear head with it being mid week?"

"errrr yes that's right." replies the man.

"plus a round of margaritas are much more of a celebratory drink than brandy! You're not drowning your sorrows are you?!" states our knowledgeable bartender.

...Leading to two delicious margaritas, followed by another six!

A great night was had and the man and his colleague wake up the next morning feeling pretty good for the busy day ahead, thankful for the bartender's guidance.

They'll definitely be going back there and will recommend to friends!


- Do people really know what they want?

- Do they actually know what's good for them?

Or is it our job as salespeople to probe, educate and people what they didn't even realise they needed?

...then watch as people become high paying repeat customers, telling all their friends about your incredible service.

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