Feel proud to be a sales professional!

Why would anyone ever be embarrassed admitting that they work in sales?

When asked what they do they might say they are a consultant, an advisor, a marketing specialist, or any other title omitting the dreaded word SALES.

I know the feeling because I was one of them.

I used to think sales was a grimy role that no-one would want to do by choice. The only reason was to make money.

It’s now over 20 years later and my outlook couldn’t be any more different.

I’m proud to have worked in sales for so many years. I have learnt an incredible amount about people and human psychology. I have learnt a lot about myself.

The highs are amongst the best feelings in the world.

The lows are a time of introspection about how to become better.

Sales is not for everyone - but for those who really do make it work, take it from me – you are a rare breed. It’s tough.

You constantly get rejected, are spoken to rudely, hung up on, ignored, cast aside, ridiculed, and treated like a skivvy. And that is just in one day.

But what does the salesperson do the next day or the day after that? They keep going...refining their process bit by bit so that their engagement improves and negative responses decrease.

How many people could go though this process day-in day-out?

Telling people that you work in sales should be like wearing a badge of honour - so say to people proudly:


*Translation – I can do what most people cannot. I have incredible determination, an unrelenting work ethic, amazing communication skills, empathy, a thick skin, self-belief, a unique character, high self-esteem, and a proactive, positive, can-do attitude!

And whilst every role is important in any business, without any sales there would be no business.

Oh, and let’s not forget - you will also earn more money than most…and rightly so for the reasons highlighted!

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