Getting ghosted?

Have you recently been in discussions with a prospective client for them to have since disappeared?

You thought it went really well, so why have they ghosted you?

This might help…

Dominic was on a first date and whilst it started OK things began to get a little weird.

Every time he mentions something like a book he’s read or a film he’s seen, his date is all over it, saying how much she likes this book or loves this film…and how they seem to have so much in common!

But it’s over-bearing. It’s far too intense.

He doesn’t even know if she’s telling the truth half the time as she doesn’t seem that well informed as he talks about his favourite part of the story...almost as if she hasn’t actually seen it!

He knows she’s been single for a while and is eager to get into a relationship. But her whole approach is putting him off – it reeks of desperation.

He’s already decided he won’t be seeing her again.

As salespeople, are we sometimes guilty of the same thing?

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