Good cold calling vs bad!

Why do some people hate cold calling?

- is it because they feel like they're on the back foot?

- is it due to feeling of potential failure or embarrassment in being hung up on?

- is it because email is safer and can't make you look silly?

- is it due to lack of skill?

- maybe it's due to negative feelings of being subservient?

Probably all of the above...

So then why do some people love it?

- because they're not scared of failing or looking silly

- because they've honed their skill and feel in control

- because they love being active and hate passively sending emails

- because they love the challenge of leading people to a new perspective

- because they crave instant feedback so they can quickly improve

All the reasons on each side are basically inversions.

...meaning the only real difference between being competent and not is...mindset, belief and application of skill.

Is it trainable?

Of course - anyone can do it, and the more you do it the better you get...

...the better you get the more you do it...

Then you think back to these days as you go and buy that Aston Martin... which you've negotiated down by 30% because you're a highly accomplished communicator.

So never be shy of the phone - it could well make you a small fortune and teach you lifelong communication skills like nothing else.

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