Habits of top performers

What makes top performers so good at selling?

Do they have similar attributes and traits?

Over the years I've worked with a lot of incredibly talented salespeople and whilst everyone is different, I have found that there are some shared habits which seems to put them at the top consistently.

In my mind here are some of the most critical:

Firstly, they have laser-like focus, blanking everything and everyone out to ensure nothing distracts them.

They have a relentless work ethic. They also work smart and if things aren't working they have the awareness & flexibility to change direction.

Top performers have a strong sense of self-belief and consistently hold themselves to the highest standard.

They often have a methodical way of working outside of the company sales process. Anything exceptional needs a process in place to support it.

Top sellers empathise and put themselves in their clients shoes. This ensures that they can understand how to tailor their offering and appeal to the genuine pain point & need.

Lastly they take full responsibility for everything, including when things don't go to plan.

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