How do we effectively inject urgency?

How does a salesperson inject urgency into a conversation to secure a commitment?

We've all heard the cliched ways of speeding a client up but putting the onus on them by asking pertinent questions can have a huge impact.

The key is:

a) linking the impact of non-action directly to their problem

b) how taking action will solve it

Try asking:

Would solving this problem now help you, your department or your company meet specific objectives?

Would solving this problem now help you get ahead of a deadline, a competitor, or increase market share?

Without a solution and six months from now, how will this problem affect you, your department or the business as a whole?

If you implement this change as discussed and increase your conversion rate by just 5% over the next six months how much more revenue will this generate?

People act if they believe it is in their best interests. They will be less inclined to do so if pressured by some manufactured deadline.

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