How do we reach our ideal client?

"Social selling is the only way to reach new clients these days."

"Cold calling is not dead! Plus, it gives you instant feedback."

"Personalised emailing is the most effective way to reach new clients by a country mile."

Every day on LinkedIn there is an 'expert' saying their method is the only way of reaching that ideal client and that you should ignore the rest.

So, what is the truth and how does a salesperson cut though the noise and know who to listen to?

Newsflash - they all work! They are not mutually exclusive.

This is on the assumption they are executed well. If not, they are equally useless.

Spammy LinkedIn messages with calendar invites will achieve zero and simply p*ss people off.

Cold calling without the right mindset or strategy will lead to being hung up on a lot.

Poorly written emails with a long product pitch or story of how amazing your company is will be duly ignored.

To go from A-Z in approaching a new client to the point of landing contractual business may require a myriad of communication methods.

It may start with a smooth LinkedIn interaction, leading onto an email, then a phone call, onto more emails and then a conference call.

Remember some people will never take a cold call. Some people will never respond to a cold email, no matter how well written. And some people do not respond to cold approaches on social media platforms regardless of the approach.

So don't limit yourself to one method. In fact, why would you when there are more options available in sales than ever before!

Keep your options wide open and whatever your strategy, follow thought-leaders, model them and execute each method to the best of your ability for maximum results.

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