How many emails is too many?

How many emails in a sequence before it's too many?





I was recently on the end of the 8th email in a sequence.

The 5th - 8th messages all contained some variation of: "I know I'm probably spamming you but..."

I contacted the SDR after that and offered some tips - it was almost as if the 'spamming' line was a cry for help!

I find it astounding how relentless some sequenced email campaigns are.

Most of these types of emails sound the same as well - lots of jargon-heavy, bland language which never cut through the noise.

And it's never been this noisy. (tip - re-write your emails as though directed towards your 5-year old nephew).

If you are using this strategy my opinion is to tap out at 3...maybe 4 at a push.

And it should always be combined with calls.

If you're looking to grab someone's attention why wouldn't you?

Just hitting 'go' on a sequence and expecting a result is the height of complacency.

But 8 or 9 emails in a sequence with no other attempt at communication?

I think it's off-the-chart crazy.

And the problem is a lot of salespeople are given the sequence and instructed to use it, however badly written.

I've also got a feeling their managers wouldn't want to be on the end of such a relentless campaign, yet it's the direction being given to thousands of SDRs.

What do you think?

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