How not to make a cold call

When I receive cold calls, the salesperson will often ask me if I see the potential benefits 'for myself'.


"Hi, we've been doing some work with SMEs and can save them XX £'s per year, can you see how that could be of benefit to yourself?"

They haven't connected the issue to me. I haven't been asked one question. They just assume I may benefit by generalising on the challenge. No research, no insight and no personalisation. So I'll respond with:

"er no not really."

It's really just an annoying and generic call.

Last week I had to give one caller a couple of tips, as it was just too painful to listen to.

Tip 1 - introduce yourself and ask for permission to speak briefly. This is common courtesy and brings your prospect on side.

Tip 2 - use my name, it feels more personable and has been proven to quickly build rapport.

Tip 3 - identify a challenge then ask a pertinent question to see if I either have it or can relate to it.

Cold calls are only hard if you do them wrong. If you need any more pointers feel free to contact me directly.


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