How to effectively lead a sales team of 'individuals'

What is the most effective way of being a sales leader?

Is it looking at KPI’s, conversion rates and spreadsheets of data?

Or would a more effective way be to understand who is in your team, what really drives each member and then using that knowledge to get the best out of them.

We all learn differently and have individual traits & strengths so why not capitalise on this in your team and maximise everyone’s potential.

For example some people are driven by goals and rewards, whilst others are motivated to avoid problems.

There are big picture people who like dealing with large chunks of information, whereas others are more comfortable with small bits of data and processes.

An internal person uses their own standards to measure success and to decide what to do. They don’t work well under micro-management and have little need of supervision.

External people on the other hand need guidance from others. They need an external standard and need to be managed in some capacity.

Who makes up your team?

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