How to stay in control

The best way of staying in control of your sales calls?

Probably easier to start with the worst...

The prospect asks you a question.

You answer it...and before you know it you've dived into a full on product pitch.

They will get back to you...

"Sounds great but I've got to go - send me an email."

Don't be directed.

Be the director.

If you're asked a question you have two options:

1) Answer vaguely then fire back with a question of your own

2) Go straight into answering their question with your question

Do not be guarded or defensive.

Be vague and be interesting.

The way to be vague is by hardly talking about yourself.

The way to be interesting is by talking about them.

The more mysterious you are about yourself and the more curious you are about them, the more attractive you become.

People love talking about themselves, their problems, their dilemmas, their dreams.

'What did you think of Mr. SDR?'

"He's so interesting! He really seemed to understand me."

"And what about him?"

"...funnily enough I didn't find out that much about him! But I could tell he seemed switched on and really 'got' me."

Be vague.

Be mysterious.

Build intrigue.

Then watch as people come to you.

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