How you sell is more important than want you sell

53% of buyers decide to buy based on their sales experience.

Product differentiation can only get you so far and often just leads to a feature war with competitors.

It's much more crucial to become a consultative seller and understand how to fully engage your buyer so you can both work out if it’s valuable enough to work together.

View your prospects as potential long-term partners.

Newsflash! The client does not care about your company, how big you are, your management structure or how long you’ve been going.

It's not about how amazing your product or service is. It must be based around their unique situation and associated challenges, and how you can help them achieve a desired outcome. Make it easy for them to buy.

On average they will only actually use about 25% of your product – the bit that matters to them. They don't care about the rest.

When you know this you can structure your value proposition around those component parts, and save a lot of time boring them to death with features & benefits not relevant to them or their situation. This is where things magically start to happen.

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