Hyper personalised email:

"Hi David,

Hope you're well.

I noticed you're located in London.

So am I!

I also saw a picture of you eating fish and chips on Instagram last'll never believe it but I had the exact same thing for dinner on Tuesday!

Not only that but we're both wearing blue shirts on our LinkedIn profile pictures.

I see you're also a Man United fan - funnily enough my Nan bought her cat from Manchester! Small world eh.

We have so much in common it's uncanny!

With that in mind it makes complete sense to me to discuss our service and how we can improve your GTM strategy.

Here's my calendar where you can book in a time slot...

I can't wait to connect, so we can discuss our commutes into work, what we both had for dinner last night, along with our favourite shirt colour.

I can then tell you all about how wonderful our product is, and you can sit back and listen as I deliver an onslaught of features and benefits.

Sound good?"

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