"I will need a discount." What do you say?

You've gone through your sales process like a knife through butter.

You've built rapport, credibility, a strong business case and an urgent call to action.

They're in.

All you need to do now is send them the contract.

Then comes one final request...

"I'll need a discount."

What do you say?

...I usually pause and let it land so there's a bit of an uncomfortable silence. It'll sound as though I'm slightly offended by the mere suggestion.

Then I'll usually repeat back to them as a question (Chris Voss style):

"You'll need a discount?"

...then pause they have to respond by justifying it.

Then stand firm.

Tell them all your clients pay the same price - as they recognise the value - so how could you possibly justify a discount?

Go silent again.

Let them fill in the gap.

They'll feel silly for even asking.

Remember a request for a discount is rarely about the money.

Some people just like to get a deal - it makes them feel in control.

Don't relinquish your power by acquiescing.

You'll lose credibility and respect.

Discounting - particularly on the spot - makes you look weak and insecure.

Stand your ground and be confident in your pricing.

It's about so much more than the money - it demonstrates self confidence, belief and strength of character.

If a prospective client has 90% of the cost of your solution they will have 100%.

Usually without exception.

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