Know when to walk away

Manager: "So, what did they say?"

Sales Rep: "Please don't ever call me again."

Manager: "It's a buying sign..."

Sales Rep: "Are you serious?"

Manager: "Yes - if they didn't want to engage they would just ghost you."

OK so I might be paraphrasing a bit, but I have sat through plenty of sales meetings where a manager is so enthusiastic about a potential client they advise going after them at all costs, seeing any knock-back as a positive!

I've been guilty of this myself when I see the perfect fit and think 'they have to do this'...when in some instances it just won't happen regardless. Some people will simply never buy.

So while it's great to be persistent, it's a complete waste of time to keep going after clients who are just not interested.

Your approach hasn't resonated. Something you have (or haven't) said just hasn't landed. So either try someone else in the organisation or move on.

Whatever you do, don't keep banging your head against brick wall. You'll give your company (not to mention yourself) a bad name. You'll become a pest.

Just last week I received 5 Inmails from a rep who, I must say has the most relentless strategy I've seen for a while.

But please take the hint, know when to stop chasing and move on to people who are actually interested.

You'll save yourself a lot of time and it certainly won't do your self respect any harm!

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