Mutual Respect

How should we react when speaking to a prospective client who is clearly distracted?

You know those times...when it's clear your prospect is not focused on the conversation and is just going through the motions.

Should the salesperson just carry on regardless? Should they ask questions to re-engage them?

In this situation I believe they have every right to challenge their prospect head-on. This was a scheduled meeting that the salesperson prepared for.

At the very least they deserve the full attention and respect of the client.

Do not be afraid of jeopardising the deal.

Instead of hoping they become interested in what you have to say, do the opposite. The client will respect you more.

Simply ask them:

"You don't seem that interested Mr. X - is there any part of this meeting you were unsure about?"

or -

"I get the impression you're not fully engaged in this conversation - do you want me to continue?"

By being direct (importantly not rude) you are addressing the situation openly.

As a result you will command more respect than just blindly soldiering on. And crucially they will listen to you.

Salespeople need to have respect both for their clients and for themselves. Yes, salespeople are there to serve, but that should never be confused with becoming a pushover.

The relationship should always be one of mutual respect, regardless of the outcome.

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