No strings attached demo?

'No strings attached demo - book a time below in my calendar. Nothing to lose.'

What's the problem with this approach..?

Well, the claim is flawed...there are strings attached:

- The demo's cost is time out your prospect's busy day; not everything is measured in pounds and pence

- It's presumptive, you don't know if they actually need your solution. They may already have a similar platform

- Your prospective client knows a pitch will accompany the demo

- With no real need yet established it comes across as pushy and slightly desperate

- It sounds like you're throwing lots of 'the proverbial' at the wall to see what sticks

- No rapport or relationship has yet been built

- It's just a bit lazy

It's the equivalent of going up to a member of the opposite sex in the street, offering to kiss them - with no strings attached - in order to see if they like you.

No preamble.

No dating.

No getting to know each other.

And then they discover you have onion breath...

Urghhh...get away from me!

Find another way in.

Perhaps just chat at first and find out a bit about them:

who they are, what are their challenges, who do they normally engage with, is it their sole responsibility, how do they work?

Stop going in directly for the kiss.

Otherwise you'll come across like that sleazeball in the club, trying it on with everyone...

...sooner or later someone will be up for it, surely?!

I mean look at me! Look at my tech platform!

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