Objection Handling

"I'm not interested"

What do most salespeople normally say in response to this?

- 'Ah OK no problem' (in an apologetic, sorry for existing tone)

- 'Not interested in what?' ( what you've said, obviously)

- 'What do you mean?' (unfortunately it means get lost)

Clearly there is something wrong with your opener if you hear this too often.

And whilst we never want to hear those three words...if you do, how about trying something else in response, maybe something like this: -

"OK, so what would it take to remove 'not' from that sentence?"

" mean I'm interested?"

"Yes that's exactly what I mean."


Stay quiet. Let them fill in the gap.

Whatever you said before didn't land.

So you may as well try to find out what might by turning the objection / smokescreen on its head.

Let's face it - you have nothing to lose at this point.

You might have caught them at a bad time and they may still just end the call...but who knows?

You might even build a bit of rapport.

Or they tell you something insightful that completely disqualifies them for the future.

They could offer you another route in - if not now - for another time.

Either way, just by being different and pushing back in a constructive way, you'll stand out and earn a bit of respect.

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