Objections are great!

Objections...often seen as a negative.


Think about when you buy something significant - do you hang on every word of the salesperson and simply buy the product?

If I look at a new car and have no questions or concerns it means I'm not interested.

But if I'm keen I'll have dozens.

A competent salesperson will dig deep into your motivation for buying, unravelling all kinds of things.

But you'll still have questions and reasons for not being 100% convinced.

You'll still be unsure about X, Y and Z.

People don't want to buy unless they're absolutely sure.

And to get to that point they have to raise concerns.

See objections as a cry for help from your buyer...asking you to aid them in getting over the line.

As salespeople we should stop fearing objections and start to embrace them.

Only then can we uncover the true apprehension of someone's next action.

There are obviously different types of objections and different ways of handling them, but none at all equals massive alarm bells...often leading to the inevitable ghosting.

If you think you can prevent all objections every time you're on a sales call you're living in cloud cuckoo land.

Every single call is unique.

Every person you speak with has a slightly different perspective.

Everyone has different beliefs, values and experiences.

Some people are optimistic, pessimistic, realistic or downright risk averse.

Whatever type of person you're dealing with they need reassurance.

So start to love objections - it's where deals start to happen.

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