People know the cost of everything and the value of nothing

Dropping the cost during a sales conversation - I've heard some clangers over the years.

Some salespeople go into full panic mode, talking quicker and justifying as soon as the number is dropped.

Some break out in a cold sweat.

Some feel like they might ruin any rapport they've built with the client and so drop it apologetically like a live grenade! I have heard this countless times.

Some might use words like 'investment' to help in delivering the price. But it's cheesy and sounds like it's straight out of a 90s training manual. You're dealing with intelligent people who can decode 'investment.'

To any salesperson out there - stop being afraid of the cost. You work in sales. Cost is inevitable.

Here are a few pointers: -

- Drop the figure with confidence as though you're excited for them to find out

- Be proud of the price as it proves your intrinsic value

- Pause as soon as you deliver the number to demonstrate you are completely at ease

- Carry on the conversation as though cost is merely a formality

If you have built a solid business case around value and emotional pain points, any major objection to cost should be quite uncommon.

If they do question it then simply ask: -

- what they thought the cost should be

- what they are comparing it to

- or ask 'the cost is too high..?' to get them to elaborate (*from Never Split The Difference)

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