Post-Hire Disconnect

Post-hire disconnect is a major issue for a lot of companies - during the hiring phase everything seems fine and dandy, then upon starting reality often sets

in for both parties. In my opinion things can quickly go south for a range of reasons:

- the salesperson doesn't feel like they are getting enough help

- they feel micro-managed

- their expectations are not being managed properly

- the company's expectancy of a new hire hitting the ground running and delivering sales imminently is unrealistic and does not nurture talent

All the above points boil down to one thing - communication, or lack thereof. There must be a more open and honest conversation during the interview process from both parties.

Companies must care about new hires, both for long-term growth, employee retention, a positive company culture, not to mention the amount of money invested in recruitment!

New hires must also be there for the right reasons - that is to perform, contribute, care, grow and deliver on what they promised.

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