Private Number - exciting! Or not?

I received a call from a number I didn't recognise yesterday so I picked up.

The guy came on and had an engaging tone so I felt like this might be something interesting!

Or maybe not.

He introduced himself and told me he was calling from a funeral planning company.

He sounded delighted.

I think it's safe to say any interest or excitement disappeared for me at this point.

I was curious how he got my details - he said I signed up for a free quote!

"Did I?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so Mr Purves."

He was quite adamant about it and started to push back to the point of almost arguing with me.

He seemed to take offence over my lack of enthusiasm.

As a relatively young healthy male I told him I probably wasn't his ideal client and that there must be some lower hanging fruit out there.

As a funeral planning cold caller he really should have his ICP better mapped out.

I can't say I envied his 'value proposition', but at least target someone who may be considering their inevitable check-out from planet earth.

I also wouldn't recommend arguing with someone you have just cold called, particularly when pitching them on the delicate matter of their own funeral.

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