Sales may be tough but is never dull

Can you imagine how boring sales would be if it was easy?

It would be order-taking for a living - no challenge, no stimulation, and no problems to solve.

As a salesperson you would have no job satisfaction or fulfilment. There would be no highs and lows. You would never feel the rush of adrenalin. You would never grow.

It would be like watching a film with no drama, no conflict and no action. Dull as dishwater.

So embrace the challenges sales presents. Start to love objections and revel in all of the problems you have to solve daily - from trying to get in front of your ideal customer to changing their perspective and signing them as a client.

These are the reasons we grow to become masterful salespeople, expert communicators, shrewd negotiators, and adept problem solvers.

Start each day with this mindset. Love the problems and challenges and see every objection as an opportunity to grow a little bit more.

It's what makes us so talented as professional salespeople.

It's what allows us to reach our potential and live a life full of purpose and fulfilment.

There's no better feeling than winning in sales.

Commission is great, but in my mind it's always secondary to personal development and growth.

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