Sales Quiz!

Quick quiz this Friday morning: -

In the following two scenarios which salesperson do you think has the most authoritative tone?

Scenario 1)

Paul is tasked with cold calling the CEO of a tech company to try and book a meeting.

He feels nervous, intimidated by the seniority of the guy he's calling.

He has a script but doesn't really want the guy to pick up.

He'll probably get chewed out.

I mean he's only a junior sales rep, and no one in comparison to this head honcho.

"Please don't pick up"...thinks Paul as the phone rings and he scrolls through the CEO's LinkedIn page.

He'd much rather email.

"HELLO?" The CEO picks up.

Paul's script sounds wooden, he's too polite, stumbles and forgets his main line of questioning.

He agrees to the CEO's request of 'send me an email' and ends the call.

"Phew...what a relief that's over!" he thinks.

Maybe he'll have some joy with the email.

Scenario 2)

Sean is tasked with exactly the same thing.

He feels great, sure of himself and confident.

He knows exactly what he's going to say, the questions he'll ask and how to position his offering.

He's itching for this CEO to pick up.

He knows he can nail this!

This guy may be the head of a large company but that doesn't bother Sean.

He knows he'll most likely be in this guy's position in 30 years.

He also knows he has something of potentially high value to offer.

"HELLO?" The CEO picks up!

Sean commands so much authority that the CEO is practically hanging on every word by the end.

He oozes self confidence and charm.

The CEO is apparently enjoying the call so much that Sean has to politely end it.

He even thanks Sean for the call as he agrees to a meeting.

He knew it! Sean loves his job, and this could well be another deal., did you get it? Tough quiz eh.

Conclusion...mindset, self belief and inner self confidence is everything.

If these foundations are strong then everything else will follow.

You'll then become naturally authoritative and unstoppable.

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