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Steve walks up to an attractive girl in a bar: -

"Hi, I'm Steve - wanna come back to my place and spend the night?"

The girl looks shocked and walks away totally disgusted.

He walks over to another girl and uses the same line. This time he gets verbal abuse.

He does it a third time and receives a slap!

Unfazed he keeps going...

Steve's now propositioned most of the bar.

He's developing a terrible reputation in front of everyone's eyes.

He then runs out of new women to approach so he starts hitting on the same girls a second time. Same opening line.

It seems he's now forgotten who he's even approached.

Is he insane?!

He doesn't seem to care about the huge rate of rejection and how damaging this behavior is to his reputation.

He doesn't take a step back to think. He doesn't try anything new.

He just keep soldiering on!

Eventually the bouncers throw him out.

Enough is enough!

What's the difference between this scenario and people on LinkedIn who approach cold and go straight into a product pitch or a calendar invite?

Absolutely nothing.

That's what's so worrying.

LinkedIn is an online venue for meeting and getting to know new people.

Don't be a Steve. You'll develop a bad reputation.

Worse still you might just get thrown out.

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