Short story about a salesperson:

Salesperson: "So we work with clients in your market and help solve issues X, Y, & Z"

Prospect: "Oh great, we have an issue with Y...."

Salesperson: "Brilliant! That's exactly what we do!! let me tell you how we'd solve that."

...followed by an onslaught of features and benefits.

Call wrapped up.

Salesperson delighted.

His hunch about this prospect was correct.

Proposal written, taking exactly 43 minutes to ensure it's 'perfect'.

Proposal sent.

Deal predicted with an 80% chance.

Manager adjusts weekly forecast.


4 days later...

Nothing back.

Email blanked.

Calls ignored.

Ghosting ensues...

It's like they disappeared off the face of the planet! Salesperson hopes they're OK.

Awkward sales meeting on Friday.

What in God's name happened?

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