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Updated: Apr 26

Anna had now been on four dates with Jack and was really into him.

Eventually they ended up at his place and for the first time they spent the night together.

It all felt so natural and seemed they were now an item.

But as the days and weeks progressed he wasn’t texting or calling as much.

When they met up Anna felt a difference, like a complete lack of effort.

She felt taken for granted.

She wanted to say something but instead kept her options open and just went with the flow. It seemed Jack loved the chase but once he had got what he wanted he appeared to have lost interest.

This is often what happens when a sale is made.

Once the client has signed the contract and the salesperson has secured their commission do they really care anymore?

Be careful - your new-found client may just move on to another company paying them more attention if they don’t get that much needed love.

And acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

Business doesn’t end when they sign the contract – it's where the partnership starts.

Your client is not just another notch on your sales board.

*Maximising business from current clients is often overlooked and it's where so many companies miss out. It also serves as a double whammy - not only do they lose clients but they miss out on any potential upsell opportunities.

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