The CEO is on holiday...

You call him on his mobile.

What happens next?

Here's two possible scenarios...

1. Murray

"Hi is that Charles?"


"Oh hello it's Murray here...did you have 30 secs...?

"I'm on holiday."

"Oh I'm sorry! Perhaps it would be better to speak when you're back."

"Yes, and please don't call me on my mobile, reach me at my office please."

"Sure and sorry again, enjoy your holiday."

2. Sean

"Hi is that Charles?"


"Oh hello it's Sean here...did you have 30 secs...?

"I'm on holiday."

"Ah! Did you find somewhere even hotter than the UK?! 😅

I'm probably the last person you'd want to speak with then, as I typically solve these two issues for my clients...issue X and challenge Y...which most likely don't affect you?"

"Wait there, you solve issue X? It's been a right pain in the neck for us recently, in fact..."

Same call - two very different outcomes.

And it's all down to the approach and the way each salesperson handles it.

Scenario 1 screams PANIC from the salesperson. And they are dispensed with quickly as a result.

There no panic in example 2, there's a bit of humour and the problem statement is delivered anyway.

I'm not saying you should hound people on holiday, but you could easily have a 5 minute chat if they happen to be away.

It won't always work, but you give yourself a chance compared with the meek "sorry to bother you" response.

Imagine for a second you are the manager of Sean and Murray:

"Did you get hold of Charles?"

Murray - "Oh yeah it was a bad time, he was on holiday."

Sean - "Yes I actually caught him on his mobile on holiday! We had a great 10 minute chat and he's keen to have a proper conversation when he's back next week."

The reality is some senior people don't mind discussing work on holiday, particularly if you say something that resonates.

If it's their company they most likely never switch off...and have been forced by their wife to take a break, under duress.

I personally wouldn't mind a 'good' sales call whilst on holiday, if it's potentially solving an issue in my business.

So why not try and capitalise on that? You'll have their undivided attention that's for sure.

And what's the worst that can happen?

They say no, call them next week - same outcome as scenario 1.

But at least you gave it a shot. Dignity intact.

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