The Importance of Selling Yourself

During a coaching session yesterday on interview techniques a client was asked about her personality during a role play:

"Well I'm a nice friendly person though I don't know when to say no to people. I'm also indecisive and I talk too fast!"

During an actual interview this would clearly not serve her!

So I presented a re-frame:

"I am a big people person, I love helping people and would be happy to go out my way if they had a problem. I'm also passionate about new ideas and love exploring different options. At times I get so excited I speak too quickly, but this is down to my burning passion when I feel strongly about something!"

The same attributes - presented in a very different way.

In business everyone has a 60 second elevator pitch based around their value proposition and company.

I believe everybody needs an effective elevator pitch in relation to themselves. Aside from interviews you never know when you may need it.

You don't have to be in sales to understand that selling yourself is probably the most important skill people can learn.

It is the main reason less talented people seem to go further than their more talented peers - they have learnt the art of selling themselves.

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