The Law of Attraction in Sales

Still searching for reasons someone might want to buy your solution?

Do the opposite.


Map out who you think your ideal customer is.

Then list 5-10 reasons they may not want to buy.

Thread this into your outreach and measure the response.

The aim is to disqualify as many people as possible so you can spend time with the right prospects.

This will shift the dynamic from a 'push' to a 'pull' approach.

Example from a cold call:

"Hi Mr X, I wanted to get in touch regarding (your offering/potential outcome) but you're probably going to tell me it's not relevant due to XYZ (some of the reasons you've identified). Am I off the mark with this?"

Test this with 10 potential clients.

See what happens.

People who push back will sell themselves into your solution.

Stop persuading.

Stop chasing.

Start attracting the right people through a strict disqualification criteria.

All you're doing is pre-empting potential objections by confronting them upfront.

This is powerful as you're not hiding from them - you're embracing them right from the start.

People hate being sold stop selling.

Start disqualifying.

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