The Lost Art of Closing?

Are salespeople mistaking being a ‘trusted advisor’, a person of ‘curiosity’ and ‘value building’ with becoming an unassertive consultant who struggles to close business?

With so many buzz words flying around how does the modern salesperson make sense of it all and strike a balance?

Whilst modern selling techniques incorporate these collaborative attributes (which are of course hugely beneficial to long-term working relationships) there still needs to be that fundamental skill in knowing how to negotiate and close a deal.

Otherwise, is there a danger of having too many 'nice' conversations where everything becomes too passive and turns into an exercise of endless consultation?

Almost half of all salespeople missed their target last year according to a research study.

To be successful in sales you must know when to change the tempo of a conversation and lead from the front.

That means taking control once you have entered the world of your client, at which point you understand exactly how you can help them.

To do this effectively requires a combination of skill and instinct.

Without fine-tuning these abilities salespeople will continue to struggle.

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