The Matrix

I experienced a great objection handle the other day on a cold call: -

"Send me an email."...I said mercilessly in order to get rid of the salesperson.

"I'm off-grid so I'm afraid I can't - want to red pill with me and give me 30 seconds instead?" he replied.

"'re an off-grid salesperson?"

"That's right." came his slightly sinister response.

He then pitched me on the fact my desk wasn't real and that the chair I was sat on was just another illusion.

It all sounded so intriguing...I was on the hook!

"So you're in?" he asked.

"YES! I don't know what you're selling but I'm buying!"

"Great - Neo will send you the contract."

"Who's Neo?"

"He's my right-hand dog... as I'm off-grid he'll drop the contract off this afternoon - just sign and pop it back in his mouth and we'll be good to go."

I still don't know who he was or what he was peddling but I'm having it!

I should really run a workshop on this...

Actually I am! Today at 4:30pm with Robin Burr - Objections Over Coffee!

Come join and escape the matrix...

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